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Sump pumps prevent flooding and keeps everything dry. It doesn’t matter if you have a basement or not, moisture can creep up through cracks in the foundation. Moisture may cause the growth of mold and mildew that can lead not only to structural issues but a whole slew of health problems. J2 Connect Plumbing provides commercial and government plumbing service. We will install a premium sump pump system in your facility that would direct excess water away from the foundation.

Your electric or battery powered sump pump system will release the water out of your pit or wherever local codes requires. If you do not have a basement we offer complete flood control systems.

From drain tile installation to basement waterproofing, we keep you dry with the finest sump pumps in Decatur, Lithonia, Buckhead and the nearby areas.

Benefits of a Sump Pump


Your main line of defense against a basement flood is your sump pump. If you can’t count on your sump system to be reliable, you risk having a wet basement.

J2 Connect Plumbing will install only the best sump pump systems available anywhere in the Decatur, Lithonia, Buckhead and surrounding areas. We have an answer to clogging sump pumps, power failures, torrential rainfall, and much more!

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